Trensettahs Sound System & Sizzla nous présentent “Glory Is Coming”

Trensettahs Sound System Ft. Sizzla and Yatta Ken – Glory Is Coming

Glory is coming is one of 3 initial singles released for the album Black Sounds of Freedom. This riddim, Son Rising Riddim, has more artists who voiced songs on it including Mykal Rose, Rootz Underground, and Lutan Fyah. Black Sounds of Freedom is a 5 episode docuseries and an album of 30 songs. The official soundtrack to the docuseries has 15 of those 30 songs on it. There are 11 music videos for those songs on the official documentary.
The first 3 songs on the album Black Sounds of Freedom are Glory is Coming, LaFiebre with Zalama Crew and Sizzla, and Babylon System gon fall also ft Sizzla. Trensettahs will continue to release all of the songs and videos that are comprising the official soundtrack.
This movement, The Black Sounds of Freedom, is reggae with a purpose. We are collaborating with artists from Colombia, Jamaica, USA, England, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The music and the docuseries take us on an annual pilgrimage to Ethiopia where we have a music festival. The festival has gotten bigger every year. The documentary follows exploring the diaspora and going on the pilgrimage. The music is from the people who have come to the festival/pilgrimage or are featured in the documentary.